Fanshawe College - London Downtown Campus Building B


Designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects and Philip Agar Architect Inc.
Rendering by Diamond Schmitt Architects and DoHere Digital Technology Inc.

This project consists of remodeling the downtown building into a six-storey facility. It includes the demolition of the existing building, restoring the south façade, and lowering the basement level. This will provide space for academic programming consisting of the School of Hospitality and the School of IT. The new building includes a tiered lecture hall, lounge area, computer labs, hospitality teaching areas, and divisible teaching and boardrooms.

S + A Services Included:


The School of IT portion is conditioned with chilled beams and chilled water being produced by high-efficiency magnetic bearing chillers. For the School of Hospitality, variable air volume kitchen exhaust systems have been included to provide on demand kitchen exhaust, and to reduce the utility usage of the school while supporting the teaching laboratories. The make-up air is pre-conditioned to help reduce utility usage. The facility is controlled and monitored by a central building automation system, which also integrates monitoring to lighting controls, fire alarm, and security.


The new facility is fitted with high-efficiency LED lighting throughout. The building lighting controls are fully addressable for maximum controllability. Controls sequences include occupancy/vacancy sensing, daylight dimming, scene controls, and time scheduling. The lighting system is integrated with the fire alarm and security systems to bring all lights on in the event of emergency for improved occupant safety.

The building features moveable walls on the ground and second levels which allow smaller rooms to be opened into one larger space that can be utilized for galas and events. Lighting controls allow for multiple scenes and control as individual or one large space.

The main distribution switchboard includes a remote open/close switch to reduce the risk of exposure to potential arc flash incidents by maintenance personnel at close range. The distribution system is monitored at the sub-feed level by power meters for integration to the building energy management system. This will allow the College Energy Management team to better plan maintenance and energy savings measures throughout the life of the building.


The faculty's program allows for dynamic and innovative ways of teaching and enriching the educational experience of the student. This project's telecommunications infrastructure is designed to support the demanding environment while providing flexibility to adapt to future technologies. The telecommunications infrastructure, comprising of a Category 6A (10 gigabit Ethernet) horizontal and 10 gigabit Ethernet backbone, serves as the information highway for systems such as building automation, security cameras, way-finding, and a highly-advanced audio/visual presentation and display system for classrooms and common areas.


London, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 115,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 60,000,000

Completion Year