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Okanagan Centre for Innovation


Designed by Meiklejohn Architects Inc.
Renderings by Meiklejohn Architects Inc.

Located downtown Kelowna, the Okanagan Centre for Innovation (OCI) is a new, seven-storey building that will act as a hub for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial businesses. The facility will accommodate small start-ups to large tech and innovation firms. The interior will feature a dramatic seven-storey atrium and staircase, as well as a skylight. In addition, a 15,000 sq.ft. green roof has been designed to provide an area for people to gather, complete with seating and fireplaces. Sustainability is a key element in the overall design, with the OCI utilizing as many environmental features as possible.

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The concept behind the building required that there are communal spaces available, as well as traditional commercial retail units (CRUs). However, the flexibility of the tenant spaces was critical. The electrical systems are designed in such a way that each floor level can be divided into any number of tenant spaces, with each having access to power and network connections. An integrated access control system throughout the building allows tenants to partner their space on the same network, providing seamless access to private and public spaces. The utility fiber and the City of Kelowna dark fiber can both be accessed by tenants to ensure bandwidth requirements are meant for any prospective tenant. Multimedia displays in the atrium, as well as in the theatre space, engage visitors and tenants alike to provide a unique experience.


Kelowna, British Columbia

Gross Floor Area

  • 104,715 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 35,000,000

Completion Year