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Berczy Park Revitalization


Designed by Claude Cormier + Associés
Fountain services by DEW Inc. (Dan Euser Waterarchitecture Inc.)
Photo by Smith + Andersen

As a new park dedicated to people's best friend (us dogs) and brave cats, Berczy Park has undergone a revitalization that will provide a public space for humans to take us for walks, support neighbourhood activities, and community interaction. The main focal point is a two-tiered fountain that is best enjoyed if you have four paws for a drink and an eventual bath.

S + A Services Included:






The stylish light poles and low level bollards illuminate the space to help us find the drinking fountain when it's dark out. Our humans have trained us to know that these lighting poles and bollards are not to be used like we use fire hydrants. The Gooderham Building mural is illuminated to have its colours enhanced, however, this is only relevant to our humans as we can only see limited colours. This project took 14 dog years (two human years) to be completed.


Toronto, Ontario

Completion Year