Daniels Waterfront North


Designed by Giannone Petricone Associates Inc. Architects
Executive Architect Rafael + Bigauskas Architects
Renderings by Norm Li Architectural Graphics + Illustrations

The Daniels Waterfront North condominiums are a new development comprised of two residential towers - Building ""A"" (West) and Building ""B"" (East). The West building, called The Lighthouse, is a 45-storey tower with 516 suites and four-storeys of below grade parking. The East building is 35-storeys with approximately 352 suites and also four-storeys of below grade parking. The residential towers sit upon a five level podium which will likely be fit-out for institutional academic purposes. Ancillary retail space is also available. Amenity floors are provided on the third, sixth, and eleventh floors and common commercial space is located on the second floor. The buildings will be divided into typical bachelor, one, and two bedroom units, with larger floor plates on the carriage suite and penthouse suite levels above. Some suites will also be able to be combined. The views over the lake and Sugar Beach will make for a stunning building.

S + A Services Included:


The mechanical systems for these two residential towers incorporate dedicated heating and cooling for each. The suites will be fed by heat-pump systems and have dedicated fresh air provided centrally since the air needs to be treated due to the nearby industrial site. The podium level is intended to house a large, single ownership which will also have its own mechanical systems. Distribution will be done by fan-coil units. Mechanical systems will also support the large parking garage for the residential component of this project.


Distribution is separated and sub-metered to accommodate ground floor retail units, a commercial floor, and two residential towers with separate ownerships. The main electrical room, located at the P1 level, serve separately metered distribution for the retail, commercial and two residential ownerships for the lower half of the building, and separate substations in the penthouse level of each residential tower. The residential suites are served by multiple bus duct risers and are individually metered. A base building emergency standby diesel generator is located on the podium, with separate transfer switches to maintain separation of residential and shared services. A separate generator for the commercial area is also located on the podium level. The building is designed with a two stage addressable fire alarm system located in the Central Alarm Control Facility (CACF) room adjacent to the principle fire fighter's entrance at the west residential lobby. Remote annunciators are located in the lobby vestibule for the east residential and commercial lobbies. Due to the size of the building, the fire alarm system is designed as a distributed system with data gathering panels in closets on every seven floors to accommodate phased occupancy.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 861,112 sq ft

Completion Year