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Wilfrid Laurier University - Lazaridis Hall


Designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects
Rendering by Norm Li

The new Lazaridis Hall, formerly Centre for Global Innovation Exchange, is sited in downtown Waterloo and will be the home of the School of Business and Economics, the Department of Mathematics and Laurier International. This signature project will be an integral part of Laurier's Campus Master Plan. This four-storey building will accommodate WLU administrative functions, grad student space, computer labs, 300 and 150 person lecture halls, learning spaces and a broadcast facility. A two-level 1,000 seat auditorium for convocation, seven lecture halls, conferences, cafes, computer and math labs and some performance functions are also intended to accommodate community functions. The project is targeting minimum LEED Gold certification.

S + A Services Included:


The building has a stand-alone central chilling and heating plant, which is not connected to the campus plant due to its location on the "north campus." The mechanical air distribution system makes use of the four-storey, interconnected atrium as a return plenum to assist with the air conditioning of the atrium space in concert with heating and cooling slab systems. The auditorium and teaching spaces have (low-level) displacement ventilation to provide the best possible air quality where it is needed. An active chilled beam system is the predominant system for smaller teaching spaces, administrative and office spaces. Energy reduction was a priority for the university - passive solutions included a highly efficient building envelope with effective thermal performance and less than 40% windows. Extensive heat recovery was integrated including heat recovery chillers to provide reheat for the precision dehumidification control of outdoor air supplies (serving active chilled beams systems). Building controls are connected to a central campus system that monitors building performance for measurement and verification of performance. Non-green roofs are used to gather and divert rainwater to a below grade cistern for reuse in toilet flushing and irrigation. Projected reduction for indoor water use is 40% and irrigation water is 50%.


Electrical services included the complete design of new incoming service as well as a back-up generator. They also included energy efficient lighting systems using LED and fluorescent sources (designed to IESNA standards) and controlled using a both centralized and stand-alone systems. Exterior lighting exclusively uses LED lighting to illuminate the surface parking lot. The information from various systems is displayed on Lucid Kiosk located in the atrium of the building.


The featured atrium is illuminated with aimable luminaires that are positioned and concealed within the atrium perimeter as to not block the skylight view. A multitude of lighting solutions are used throughout to meet the restrictions of LEED Gold standards. The entire auditorium area uses LED luminaires. A specially designed mezzanine wood covering is back-lit to display a random pattern of wood glowing dots which become solid once the lights are turned off.


Waterloo, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 224,851 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 70,000,000

Completion Year